Ann Marie & David Thornton

James Creek Cider House  |  Cameron, NC

Ten years ago, Ann Marie and her husband David planted 60 Southern heirloom apple trees on their farm in Moore County with the idea of making hard cider – Ann Marie’s beverage of choice when they studied in London. That trial planting thrived, and so did their passion for farming and cidermaking.

They acquired more land, and now James Creek Orchards grows over 65 varieties of heirlooms and cider apples from England, France and Spain, as well as peaches, blueberries and muscadines.  Although their farm winery/cidery James Creek Cider House has been open for about two years, both their traditional, heritage ciders (estate-bottled as James Creek Cider House) and the more modern Stargazer Cider (which blends heirloom and dessert apples) have garnered awards at GLINTCAP. The ciders have quite a following at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, and acclaimed chefs such as Andrea Reusing at The Durham Hotel and Gabe Barker at Pizzeria Mercato have added Stargazer Cider to their wine lists.

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James Creek will be featured at the Hill Fire dinner on 10/17 and the Fall Fête on 10/19.