Ali Rudel

East Durham Bake shop | Durham, NC

Ali is the head baker and owner of East Durham Bake Shop in Old East Durham, which focuses on using sustainable practices when it comes to hiring, purchasing ingredients from nearby farms, using renewable resources and creating working partnerships with community members and neighborhood organizations.

Best known for pie – made from scratch each day and from the fruits and vegetables of the season – the shop also offers various baked goods, locally roasted coffee and espresso beverages, organic teas, simple soups and salads made with fresh local produce.

Previously, Ali worked as a baker at Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, where she fell in love with the local food movement. After moving to North Carolina, she managed the Chapel Hill Farmers' Market and served on the board of directors of Benevolence Farm and the advisory council for Farmer Foodshare as well as working for a small nonprofit doing cooperative development.

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Ali is participating in the Hill Fire Dinner on 10/17.