Norma Kessler

Sweet Arielle Bakery  | Cary, NC

Norma was born in a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. She vividly recalls the rainbow of fresh produce there transforming into paletas, sweet breads, cakes, candies, preserves, tamales and agua frescas.

For Norma, cooking and baking are more than a passion; they are a connection with her soul. Not long after her arrival in Los Angeles, Norma started her professional food adventures, working in fine dining, helping friends open their restaurants, and attending culinary and pastry school. About a decade ago, when her daughter, Arielle, was one, they relocated to beautiful Cary. Norma bakes European and Latin-inspired pastry. She considers food grown locally to be sacred, something to be celebrated and treated like precious jewels, just as her ancestors did.

You can find her at the South Durham Farmers’ Market.

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Norma is participating in the Hill Fire Dinner on 10/17.