Miranda Brown

The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel  |  Charlotte, NC

Miranda initially worked front-of-the-house restaurants jobs in Charlotte. In 2011, her pastry career started in earnest at a bakery in downtown Mooresville. Hungry for more, she sought out Charlotte pastry icon Ashley Boyd at 300 East; she eventually landed a full-time job there and worked with Ashley before starting the pastry program at The Asbury.

Tasteful twists and artful presentation have landed Miranda a loyal following just as the Charlotte pastry scene has developed into its own. Since arriving at The Asbury early this year – where she makes desserts for the restaurant, The Dunhill Hotel banquets and special events in addition to the hamburger buns, breads, biscuits and hundreds of Sticky Biscuits each week. In August, she won Pastry Chef of the Year at the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association Chefs Showdown.

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Miranda is participating in the Sustainable Classroom on Friday, October 18.