Hannah Popish

poppysol | Pittsboro, NC

Hannah runs poppysol – a permaculture-inspired herb farm and apothecary in Chatham County, North Carolina. She is an herbalist and farmer with a social work background who is passionate about encouraging people to be agents in their own healing. She descends from generations of nature lovers, and her work is grounded in connecting people with plants. Her farm, poppysol, is a consultation meeting spot for those seeking herbal supports and is also a retreat space for groups to be in nature.  Services are offered at a sliding scale so that all may benefit from connecting with plant medicine.

Hannah has had a foot in the coffee industry, the craft brewery industry and the herbal healing world. In their own ways, each has taught her a bit about how we as humans connect to what we taste. She believes that our beverages most certainly have a story based on where they come from and whose hands were involved in creating them – and that they have an amazing potential to feed our bodies and spirits on a physical level.

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Hannah is participating in the Sustainable Classroom on Friday, October 18.