Frank Stitt

Highlands Bar & Grill | Birmingham, AL

Frank’s fondness for humble Southern ingredients comes directly from his roots in rural Alabama. But his father’s love of travel also exposed young Frank to cosmopolitan cities and leading restaurants.

Frank honed his skills at various Bay Area restaurants, including the kitchen of Alice Waters at Chez Panisse. His professional path further evolved as he worked alongside Jeremiah Tower, Stephen Spurrier and Simca Beck. Eventually, travels throughout the French countryside led to work in vineyards in Provence and Burgundy.

Upon his return to the American South, he was one of the first Alabama restaurateurs to champion sustainable agriculture and humane animal husbandry. In 2018, Highlands Bar & Grill received the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant after being nominated for the prestigious award each year since 2009. Frank received the Foundation’s award for Best Chef: Southeast in 2001 and was nominated for Outstanding Chef in 2008.

Frank is the author of Frank Stitt’s Southern Table: Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highlands Bar and Grill and Bottega Favorita: A Southern Chef's Love Affair with Italian Food.

He lives in Birmingham with his wife and business partner, Pardis. He has two children, Marie and Weston.

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Frank is participating in the Karen Barker Tribute dinner on Friday, October 18.