André Tamers

De Maison Selections  |  Chapel Hill, NC

A French and American citizen with extensive experience on all levels of the wine trade, André started in the business in 1985 as buyer at a restaurant with a wine list of 150 selections. Having lived extensively in France, he decided to move to Spain for a change. He lived in Barcelona, where he studied painting at the highly regarded Escola Eina. During this sabbatical period, he traveled extensively throughout the viticulture regions of Europe, allowing him to nurture contacts in the winemaking world. André is fluent in both French and Spanish, which has been influential in discovering little-known producers.

Founded by André in 1996, De Maison Selections was named in honor of his mother, whose family roots go back to Haute-Savoie in France.

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De Maison Selections will be featured at the Fall Fête on the Green on 10/19.