The Sustainable Classroom Walking Tour


The Sustainable Classroom Walking Tour debuts with an exploration of downtown Carrboro and West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, as an alternative and equally engaging experience to the standard Sustainable Classroom. The tour will begin at 8:30 am at Open Eye Cafe, also the home of Carrboro Coffee Roasters, and end at the legendary Crooks Corner around 3 pm.

This tour will require quite a bit of walking, and it will take place rain or shine, so please consider any mobility limitations before signing up for this event. We will walk more than 1.5 miles in town on city streets.

* These classes are limited in size and chefs must generally prepare food for a group of 25 - 40 people in one dish. If you have a food allergy, there may be dishes you cannot taste and they may not have an alternative. We will do our best to accommodate, but sometimes it's not possible to have an alternative. Our primary objective is your safety, so if you have a concern, please reach out to us and we'll let you know if we can accommodate. This tour will definitely include pork and beef, so anyone with an alpha-gal allergy will want to either bring a lunch along or not sign up for this particular event.

8:30 am  -  Carrboro Coffee Roasters in Open Eye Cafe

Demystifying the Latte 

Your favorite barista may make it look easy, but a lot goes into the perfect latte – from the texture of the bubbles and the exact temperature of the milk. We will also talk about where coffee comes from and who cultivates it, and how Carrboro Coffee Roasters forges their Direct Relationships with farmers. Travel the globe with us as we discuss how climate, culture, and the marketplace affect what ends up in your mug. After this session with Open Eye Cafe's experts, you’ll never look at a latte or your daily coffee the same way. Pastries (with a gluten-free option) will be provided to give us energy before we begin our walk!
Confirmed Participants: Thurmond Buckelew and David Ruiz from Carrboro Coffee Roasters

9:30 am  -  Fifth Season Gardening

Fermentation Fever

The demand for natural products that also provide health benefits has led to a fermentation comeback. Clark Barlowe of Heirloom in Charlotte – perhaps best known for successfully lobbying North Carolina for the legal foraging, and serving, of wild mushrooms – will offer a fermentation primer.
Confirmed Participants: Clark Barlowe from Heirloom Restaurant

10:30 am  - Acme Food & Beverage Co.

The Chef-Farmer-Consumer Equation

In ways realized and unrealized, consumers greatly benefit from the relationship between chefs and small farmers. Their constant dialogue informs what food is grown and in what quantities, which trickles down to what’s available to shoppers at farmers’ markets. In this class, we’ll examine how chefs and farmers partner in order to offer more people access to local food, create new, innovative revenue streams, expand product lines, and meet the demands of a population that’s increasingly adventurous when it comes all things culinary. Acme’s Chef Kevin Callaghan and chef Jason Smith from 18 Seaboard and the 18 Restaurant Group will be joined by farmers Elise Bortz, Portia McKnight, and Eddie Moore to give a little perspective - and a few delicious bites!
Confirmed Participants: Kevin Callaghan from Acme Food & Beverage, Jason Smith from 18 Restaurant Group, Portia McKnight from Chapel Hill Creamery, Elise Bortz from Elysian Fields Farm, Eddie Moore from Moore Brothers Beef, and moderator Monica Willis from Modern Farmer

11:40 am Walk Down West Franklin St. to Midway Community Kitchen

BBQ - Conventional Versus Pasture-Raised 

We’ll enjoy a barbecue sandwich and a conversation that highlights the differences between conventional pork (fed grain, corn and soybeans – not to mention pesticides and antibiotics that come into play) and pasture-raised pork (fed grass, herbs, acorns, roots and food scraps) with Wyatt Dickson, the “barbecue man” at Picnic in Durham, and Justin Burdett, most recently the chef at The Admiral in Asheville. They will talk about the environmental impacts on both ends - and the profound differences in the health of the animals that translates into differences in quality and flavor for the consumer.
Confirmed Participants: Wyatt Dickson from Picnic,  Justin Burdett

1 pm  -  Lantern

Heirloom Apples

In this class, we’ll taste a wide range of apples and celebrate the life’s work of Pittsboro’s Lee Calhoun, who has wrested hundreds of apple varieties from the brink of extinction by passing grafted trees or scions along to those with nurseries or preservation orchards. The nationally-known expert on heirloom apples authored the popular Old Southern Apples, which offers a history of more than 1,600 distinct varieties. For this fascinating conversation, Lee will be joined by two of his biggest champions and collaborators – Diane Flynt and Andrea Reusing. A cider pioneer nominated for a James Beard for her Foggy Ridge Cider, Diane has returned to her roots as an apple grower in Virginia. She’s also helping Lee document and share his years of research. In her 2011 cookbook Cooking in the Moment, Andrea – the James Beard award-winning chef at Lantern and The Durham Hotel – wrote extensively about heirloom apples, Lee and Diane. “The term ‘heirloom’ can feel a bit dusty,” she wrote, “but spending time with people like Lee and Diane will convince you that protecting these hardy varieties is all about the future.”
Confirmed Participants: Author Lee Calhoun, Diane Flynt from Foggy Ridge Orchards, Andrea Reusing from Lantern and The Durham Hotel, and moderator Keia Mastrianni

2 pm  - Crook's Corner

Distilling it Down... in the South

Inspired by Kathleen Purvis’ latest book, Distilling the South: A Guide to Southern Craft Liquors and the People Who Make Them, we’ll explore the recent emergence of craft spirits in the Southeast – and look at why so many people are suddenly putting everything they have into making spirits when American liquor has been among the best in the world for generations. Kathleen will be joined by Sean Umstead of the new Kingfisher cocktail bar in Durham. We'll experience a little taste while hearing about some of the interesting folks creating spirits in the Southeast today!
Confirmed Participants: Author Kathleen Purvis, Sean Umstead from Kingfisher, and Gary Crunkleton from The Crunkleton

All sales are final and all events take place rain or shine.

Please remember to bring a photo ID for all events.