Kevin Doyle

TOPO Organic Spirits  |  Chapel Hill, NC

A Virginia native, Kevin lived in New Orleans (where his brother is a chef) after college, from 2009 until 2014. When he and his wife moved to Baton Rouge in 2014, Kevin started working as a bar back at one of the South’s best cocktail bars, Olive or Twist. There, he learned from skilled bartenders and devoured Brad Thomas Parson's Bitters and Dave Arnold's Liquid Intelligence.

With a new interest in creating cocktail ingredients, Kevin made home batches of bitters that he gave to family and friends for Christmas in 2015. The owner of Olive or Twist liked them so much that he asked Kevin to help him start a business, and Kevin was production manager for The Cocktail Experiment for a year. In May 2017, Kevin came to Top of the Hill and TOPO Organic Spirits. As provisions specialist, he assists the distillers in production and bottling, but his main job is to produce bitters, mixers and syrups.

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For TerraVita 2017, Kevin is participating in the Sustainable Classroom on 10/20 and the Grand Tasting on The Green on 10/21. TOPO also is our host for the East Meets West dinner, the Sustainable Classrooms and the VIP After Party on Thursday.